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Our Group of companies is diversified in a variety of areas. With Investments in Real Estate, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Construction.


Our Founder Ms. L. B. Clarry - now retired, was formerly the Chief Financial Officer of a Canadian Chartered Bank.


With UK and Canadian Banking backgrounds the principals of Phoenix Genesis Group are able to draw off their own experience and their considerable contacts in the field of Finance & Law.


Within our Management team we have a wide diversity of abilities with backgrounds familiar with Franchising, Start Ups, Consulting, Accounting and Banking.

Our Mission

To be the best we can be, to achieve the achievable, to be true to our values and to bring some of the old world back to the new world. 

We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far.  

We believe that by working with like-minded citizens we can restore and recreate the parts of our heritage which reminds us all of a gentler and simpler time. 

Our name says it all; Phoenix, the mythical bird and Genesis, the beginning of life "From the ashes of the old ... arises the new". 

Service Statement

We will go the extra mile to secure the best interests of our clients and investors. 

We hold ourselves to the high standards we expect from others.

Word of mouth is our best reference and our guideline.  

The range of services available through our group is quite extensive. It would be hard to categorize them in any great detail, but we have put together a broad spectrum list of the main features:

Condominium Development

  • Over 40 years Experience in Development Industry
  • Experienced with Condominium Law and the most recent Ontario Legislation.
  • Able to work with existing buildings
  • Currently running many projects - see portfolio

Design Build Experience

  • New construction
  • Old construction
  • Commercial/Residential/Industrial construction

Restoration and Rehabilitation Projects

  • Have been involved in over 70 R&R projects
  • Design and build from scratch or original plans
  • Fully involved with prominent Architects/ Engineers, Structural and Mechanical Engineers respected in various fields
  • Experience with Local Heritage Advisory Committees
  • Knowledgeable about the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario


Restoration/Restaurant and Hotel Development

  • Lease Negotiations
  • Purchase Negotiations
  • Construction from the Ground Up. Have been involved in over 40 projects

We have comprehensive knowledge of the restaurant business, having been involved for over thirty two years. Members of our team have considerable experience on matters involving the purchase, sale, construction, franchising and leasing of various projects and real estate.

View our Brochures

Mansions on James Condominiums

Cobourg, ON

Heritage Harbour

Town Homes Cobourg, ON

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